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What I expect from the students?


Respect towards each other


Never misuse what they learn


Show self-control


Be punctual and ready to learn


Wear a clean and presented uniform


Wear the correct safety equipment




Lau Gar Kuen

Is derived from a style of Chinese boxing that was practiced in the Kuei Ling Temple in the Kong Sai Province (Guangxi) of West China. It was taught to Master Lau Sam Ngan, a tiger hunter, by a monk on retreat from the temple.


This first Master Lau had the nickname Three Eyed Lau, because a deep scar in the middle of his forehead resembled a third eye and is honoured as the founder of the style, with the phrase Lau Gar Kuen literally meaning Lau Family Fist.


Only four other ancestral families have been honoured by having a kung fu style named for them: Hung Gar, Choy Gar, Li Gar and Mok Gar.


The Temple Dragon Warriors was created for students of all ages and abilities who can come and learn this fantastic style of Kung Fu in a friendly, fun and family orientated environment.  


The training enables students to gain confidence, discipline, flexibility, strength, respect for themselves and others and will give them skills they can carry across into normal life. So please read a little more information on this page and then use the booking online facility to take advantage of your free trial.

Some commonly asked questions!

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you would think, average lesson costs between £3-£4 age dependant!


How fit do i need to be?

All Students are treated as unfit so we start everyone slowly until the desired levels are reached!


How safe is kung fu?

In a nutshell, very! In a normal class you will be punching and kicking pads and learning the art.


Will I have to fight?

No you will not have to fight. Fight only if you want to! The utmost of safety will be shown before any student is proficient to spar. Full protective equipment is compulsory.


How quickly will I progress?

We provide the best instruction anywhere. Our instructors are friendly and patient, combined with your commitment to regular training you will make quick progress.


Are the instructors qualified?

All instructors have Enhanced CRB Checks, Top level insurance, nationally recognised coaching awards - we want the best instructors so you get the best results.